Freestanding lace embroidery designs for FREE

Freestanding lace embroidery designs for FREE

Here I am posting some interesting FSL embroidery designs that I found on the Internet. They can be downloaded for FREE.
If you are the author of this embroidery design, write to me, I will remove your project from this site immediately.

HOW to embroidery Freestanding lace

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17 thoughts on “Freestanding lace embroidery designs for FREE

  1. Très joli , cela tombe a pic pour nous attendons un heureux évènement pour le 20 juin 2021, très gentille a vous de partager .

  2. lace embroidered carousel is beautiful,
    however it in the wrong format for me can i purchase it
    in a dst file

    1. it is not my design, i find it in internet for free.
      I can convert it to DST for you.
      Download the archive again.

  3. As a designer, you shouldn’t give away free designs that you find on the internet that are not owned by you. The stroller, carousel and ballerina are owned by Stitch delight and you may not give away free designs unless you have permission from the rights holder. It’s unethical and it’s really not done among designers.

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