Watercolor embroidery designs. Exciting style or embroidery

Watercolor embroidery designs. Exciting style or embroidery

Digitizing watercolor paintings requires knowledge of art and color theory. Animals and birds, fruits and flowers, cute angels and little children look good in a soft and dreamy watercolor style.

Painting with watercolors allows us to experience firsthand the fluidity of color and how adjacent tones of paint mix and flow into each other. This helps us digitize the design.

On watercolor designs, paint can flow from red to yellow. If you compare this painting with an embroidered pattern, you will see how the red thread overlaps the yellow one – just like it did in the painting.

Welsh Corgi Watercolor embroidery design
Corgi Embroidery design

When I digitize a watercolor painting, I work directly from our painting. This shows us where to blend, shade, and shape to achieve a watercolor effect. Most embroidery designs use the same thread color for shading. But in watercolor designs, you can see pink over yellow, tan over green, light pink over red. To achieve a watercolor effect, the contrast of the thread colors must be sharper and more vibrant than usual.

Drawing, coloring and digitizing watercolor paintings requires a careful and precise approach. But embroidering designs is no more difficult than other designs you’ve worked with. … More contrasting thread colors can be seen in some areas, but these are used to achieve a watercolor effect.

What is the best way to use such designs? Watercolors tend to be dramatic rather than subtle. They will become the star of frame decor, an attractive item for tote bags, pillows and tea towels.

Embroidery is often referred to as “thread painting,” and watercolor designs perfectly capture this idea. These types of designs are popular because of their artistic elegance and because they represent a new and exciting style brought to your embroidery machine.

My watercolor designs HERE

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