Snowflake machine embroidery designs free download files

Snowflakes, free embroidery designs

Winter snowflakes machine embroidery designs. Various Snowflakes are very easy to use to decorate any New Year’s items and gifts.

All designs were taken from open sources. If they are an author’s designs, write me and I will remove it immediately.

Сlick on the picture and the Snowflake design ZIP-archive will start downloading. Instant download.

FSL Snowflakes

Freestanding lace designs for embroidery on a water-soluble stabilizer. They can also be embroidered onto fabric.

Snowflakes on fabric

8 thoughts on “Snowflakes, free embroidery designs

    1. Hello
      I don’t understand why you offer my original designs! These are my designs and you have no right to offer them on your site.

        1. Yellow snowflakes. And you should be careful what you put on your website.As a designer I would never dare to put other people’s designs on my website, and especially not if they were never available for free.

  1. There is no such thing as open source embroidery design. You’re simply taking another’s work and hoping to not get caught. The rightful owner of a design should not have to ask you to remove their design that you were never given permission from in the first place to have on your site. Instead of asking an author(which that isn’t what someone that designs embroidery is called anyways), how about you just remove all designs that aren’t yours from your site and only leave up your own original designs. Seems the better and more legitimate way of running a business because what you’re doing now is illegal.

    1. There are a lot of free designs out there. I also give a lot of designs for free to different groups and take free designs from others. The free designs on this site are made by me or taken from open groups. I don’t know their authors. If they got there by accident and they have an author, I immediately delete them. I don’t see a problem.

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