Filet Edging border, Machine Embroidery design

FSL edging border Machine Embroidery design Free standing Lace

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FSL edging border. It looks like filet crochet . Free Standing Lace machine embroidery design.
It looks like filet crochet narrow lace.
These FSL edging border are perfect for decorating kitchen accessories or kid’s clothes. You can choose any color for embroidering these laces.
FSL edging border Machine Embroidery design

Filet Edging embroidery pattern

filet pattern

Decorative Filet Edging embroidery design

Machine Embroidery design Free standing Lace 5 SizesLace Design Size:
2 reports – 29,3 X 66,29 mm (1.15 X 2,61 inches)
Number of stitches : 3558
3 reports – 29,3 X 98,29 mm (1.15 X 3,87 inches)
Number of stitches : 5326
5 reports – 29,3 X 162,29 mm (1.15 X 6,39 inches)
Number of stitches : 8862
9 reports – 29,3 X 290,29 mm (1.15 X 11,43 inches)
Number of stitches : 15934
11 reports – 29,3 X 354,29 mm (1.15 X 13,95 inches)
Number of stitches : 19470

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Please note: For largest design PES format is not available
(You can download 2 same archives – .RAR and .ZIP. Choose which one is suitable for your unzipped program)

You can embroider lace of any length. You will choose the length of the elements for any size of the hoop. The set has 2, 3, 5, 9, 11 rapport items for any hoop.
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