My Lace Story

Hi, my name is Tatiana and I would like to warmly welcome you to my web site.

As long as I remember, I was surrounded by embroidered and crochet lace handmade items. My grandma and mom were very good needlewomen.
I’ve always enjoyed making something with my own hands.

When I purchased an embroidery machine, I was very surprised that it could “crochet a filet lace“. I learned to make such FSL (Freestanding Lace) embroidery designs.

FSL Festoon Lace machine embroidery design set

I make Filet and Battenburg Lace designs for computer embroidery machines only manual digitizing.
How do I make them?
The recipe is simple:
50% of skills
50% of love

I would consider my mission accomplished if my creations help you quickly get beautiful items. I try to show ideas of using classical lace as modern interior things.
Also I make Watercolor and other machine embroidery designs

Always glad to see you in my ETSY store! Enjoy embroidery!


All designs in my shop are digitized by myself.
Can be used on all your personal items or items you wish to sell. Reselling my digital designs is not permitted.
PLEASE DO NOT copy, share, trade or sell my designs.

These top quality Embroidery Lace Filet designs are carefully crafted and machine tested, so you can buy in confidence knowing you’re getting the best machine embroidery design files available!

Please contact me if you have any problems.

If you can not buy any design on Etsy, write me a comment. I will answer you as soon as I can. I immediately help you in all matters.

Best, Tatiana

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